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Electrical services & Smart Homes

We are NIC-EIC domestic registered installers, so all our electrical services & installations meet building regulations and modern standards of safety. The electrics in a new house, refurbishment or extension are all about your lifestyle. Where are your kitchen appliances? Where is the bed positioned? Where are the audio-visual components in each room and what about internet control over lighting, heating and security?
Talk to us at an early stage about electrical services so we can help guide your decisions and integrate your electrical systems to match your lifestyle. Often, for the most modern lighting & electrical systems there is a high degree of the ‘internet of things’. What this means is you can use the internet WiFi and ‘Apps’ on your tablet or phone to control almost everything electrically powered in your home.
We can use CAT5/6 cabling at ‘first fix’ to internet enable your house electrics. This gives you amazing control of all your lighting systems, even whilst on holiday. These ‘smart home’ control systems will increase your security, improve your lifestyle and reduce your costs. Things to think about:

  • Socket positions
  • Lighting styles and positioning
  • Internet / mobile control
  • LED downlight saving money
  • Outside lights – driveway, side alley, front path & threshold
  • Garden lights, pathways, sheds and summer houses, lit flower beds
  • Security lights & alarms.
  • Think about internet control for your entire system

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