house renovation

House renovations

The most common type of house renovation is to older properties. You may have moved into a period property that has not had any work done for several years, or indeed decades. This presents a very wide scope of works, especially if tied to a new extension. You may need a complete rewire, new plumbing systems, new kitchens bathrooms partitions, steels, new rooms, layouts and decoration.

Do I need an architect?

If your house renovation and refurbishment is within the existing foot print, or your extension is a fairly simple affair you may not need to go to the expense of an architect or planning permission if it is within permitted development. We have a full team of experienced builders, carpenters, designers and finishing trades to pull together complete refurbishments without the need for expensive, detailed plans.
Call us first for a site visit. We can then discuss how best to approach the plans and indeed planning permission. Quite often, using a draftsman for simpler extensions is all you need for planning permission, if required. They can also help with interior layouts where walls and rooms may change dimensions. Call us before employing an architect, it could save you a lot of time and money.
Info – Three Rivers District Council page on Permitted Development or the Planning Portal for other councils.

Your heating & water system

One common area often overlooked in plans is where to place new plumbing systems. Older houses often use airing cupboards and gravity fed systems in the loft. These systems are environmentally unsound and potentially unhygienic. So, when planning a complete refurb, always consider where a new boiler and associated tanks and piping will converge, the new ‘heart of the house’. These can be loft areas, garages or utility rooms, but plan now where the system will be located and where your new airing cupboard might be.

Original features

What original features do you want to keep? If everything is ripped out, will your home lose character? If your project is an older house, there may be many features that you wish to keep or reinstate. This will also give the house a consistent look and style sympathetic to its location and era. Original front doors, fireplaces, ceiling roses and architraves should all be kept and refurbished if considered suitable. We can also replicate many items in-house should the originals be past their best!

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