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We can build your dream home

Chess Construction can build your new dream home. We’ll work closely with your architect to create a detailed project plan and thoroughly worked out budget. We deliver our new builds on time and on budget.

Why choose us to build your new home?

Our team

Unlike many other house builders, Chess Construction have a full-time team of builders, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers and other tradesmen. This gives you a single point of responsibility, where Chess Construction are responsible for the entire build. For professional services, we have several structural engineers we use. We coordinate the engineers and architects so that your new home is built to exceptional standards, but with one point of responsibility.

Project Planning

We spend a lot of time working out all costs and possible problem areas. We do this by using professional building estimators, engineers & our senior builders and project managers. This gives you a solid, well thought out project plan and costs.

Financing, trust & integrity

Chess Construction never ask for money up front. As professional, community conscious house builders with a full-time team, we only invoice as work is completed in agreed stages. The first valuation is after a month’s work and amounts are agreed when progress is made. This is done by having a thoroughly worked out project plan, timeline and agreed cost structure. As stages of work are completed (either entirely or by %) we invoice you at the end of each month.
This never leaves you vulnerable, and places you in full control ensuring that the work is done before payments are made. We can do this because of our strong, full-time team and because we believe in honesty and integrity with all our work.
We take care of everything. Your only responsibility is to ensure that you have the funds to complete the agreed work!


new buildsAs local house builders, we try wherever possible to focus on traditional house building methods, using locally sourced, sustainable materials wherever possible. Your planning application will specify the type of materials your new house will be constructed from. We then work closely with you and your architect to source these products as environmentally as possible.

We work with one of the last remaining brick manufacturers in the area, HG Matthews of Bellingdon who supply a range of locally made bricks and locally quarried flint. Other materials are locally sourced which fits the local ‘palette’ and keeps mileage and carbon emissions low. We endeavour to use reclaimed roof tiles when appropriate, so your house looks well established. But of course – ALL these choices are cleared with you and your architect – but we go the extra mile to source the most suitable materials for your home.

We have for example worked with reclaimed bricks, tiles, lambswool insulation, clay and lime-based paints for amazing authentic finishes and low environmental impact. Windows and doors can all be handmade in Hertfordshire from FSC woodland sources if you go the wooden window route. We can also help you choose local good value suppliers for aluminium doors, windows, patio and sliding systems.


Chess Construction can finish your new home to any standard you wish. Some clients ask us to leave each room with simply a ‘mist’ coat. This is two coats of a white base layer ready for decoration, giving a classic white ‘builders finish’. Many other clients get us to fully decorate and finish the property, down to carpentry details, cabinetry, painting & wall papering.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

As part of our finishing services we of course can fully fit your kitchen, utility room and bathrooms. Our team is a highly experienced group of plumbers, tilers and flooring experts.  We finish your kitchens and bathrooms to the highest standard, whatever the design style, materials and fixtures you wish.
Chess Construction also has our own joinery department and facility to handmake bespoke kitchen cabinetry, sideboards and shelving. We can also manufacture handmade, bespoke designed bedroom furniture to compliment other features in your new home and deliver an over-arching design style for you.

Snagging & settling

All new builds and extensions tend to settle over the few months after a build. We have a responsibility to pick up these small niggles and return to the property to address and ‘snag’ for up to a year after the building is finished.

Call George Sylvester today on 01923 616 810 to discuss your new build.