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On many occasions, you’ll wish to remain living in your home whilst the extension is built. This of course saves a small fortune in rent, but it can be stressful with noise, dust and disruption. The way to make this as pain free as possible is to have considerate builders.

Looking after you

Chess Construction pride themselves on being as thoughtful as possible under these circumstances. We often fit dust shields, clean up thoroughly after each day and ensure any tools or materials left at site overnight are safe, secure and out of the way. Depending on the plans and space availability, we often construct temporary kitchen and utility areas so that you can continue to cook and wash during the build – invaluable!

“We chose to stay at our house during the build because of high rent costs in our area. Chess Construction were amazing. Not only did they understand our situation, but actively planned to help us stay at the property. They built a temporary kitchen and utility area in the spare room using the old kitchen units and appliances and sealed this room for the build, before finishing this room last when everything else was ready – they even fed the cat when we went on holiday – what a relief and what a saving!!”  Mr. C, Chorleywood.

New extension, period properties.

One of the challenges of a successful extension, especially older properties, is tying in the new extension sympathetically with the original building. We work with you, your architect or draftsmen to decide on the best materials and finishes to the extension, and where possible integrate existing features so the whole property retains a consistent finish and style. We’ll often use our carpentry facility to create cabinetry and wood features in the original style of your property.

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