carpentry services in Kings Langley


Nothing finishes a new house extension or refurbishment like quality carpentry. Unlike many other local builders, Chess Construction has our own woodworking shop in Kings Langley. We can make any house item you wish in a range of hardwoods, softwoods and exotic woods where required.

Consider each room in your plans – if it is a new build, what style is the house? If you are building an extension or refurbishment, what is the exiting style, period and features? We make real wood finishes for each room to suit your style, to the highest standards of work, using high quality materials:

  • Kitchens – handmade doors, cabinets and units, sideboards and shelving
  • Drawing rooms – shelving, storage, sideboards, integrated lighting & audio-visual considerations.
  • Bedrooms – fitted wardrobes, shelving and storage
  • Doors – sliding doors, pocket doors & exotic veneer finishes are all made to your exact requirements in house.

Talk with us at the earliest possible stage about cabinetry and wood finishes.

Call George Sylvester today on 01923 616 810 to discuss your carpentry needs.